No current post option

i try to add likes button to a post, i add the icon and created the databases,and set it to sometimes visible, but i don’t have the current post option, is that something i need to do to associate the icon with the post ?

Hi @idan645 & welcome to the Adalo community!

There are two ways to do this - first, you can put the “like” button on a list and associate it with the post. The second way is to have a post page with the data “current post” and have the button on that page.

Either way, if set up properly the data should be there. Also, I’d recommend you use a toggle instead of an icon. Have a relationship to users called “likes”, add the current user when they “like” a post to the collection, remove them if they unlike it. To show the number of likes, use a count.


hi, i did what you said and still not have current post option, as you see at picture( Imgur: The magic of the Internet )

As long as the icon is on the custom list and reflects through the list (where you see it in each square below), you should be able to relate it to the current post.

Here’s an image where I did it with a toggle. Toggles work better than icons because it easily gives you two states - null / like.

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