No Form Update for Unpaid Adalo?

It seems the ‘Update Current …’ form action is unavailable in the unpaid version of Adalo. If this is intentional, can you please make that clear to safe the user the trouble of searching for answers. I watched a YouTube clip which clearly shows this action is available on what appears to be a paid version (see pic below). On my unpaid version it is unavailable(see pic below). My suggestion: show the update menu but gray it out. That way the user knows the function is unavailable and they don’t have to waste time looking for possible answers. Alternatively, mention this somewhere the user can easily pick up the intentional omission.

Not to my knowledge. Are you sure you have the right data available at that screen?
You should have arrived at that screen from a list of “primary data”

I am sure it is the Primary Data that I want updated. The user interface just does not provide any way to get to the update part. May I suggest that you please create a dummy account and try this out on the entry version (not the trial version). I notice that Adalo makes more functionality available in the trial version…functionality that is not available on the entry version seeing as I keep getting a ‘Start Your Trial’ notice whenever I try some functionality. So maybe what you are referring to is the trial version which I am NOT on because I did not click on those ‘Start Your Trial’ links.

How do you get to that screen?
What is the previous screen?
Where is the action to Link to the form screen?
It must originate from a list of Primary Data.

This is not related to a trial period.