No Magic Text option for image stored in external collection

Hi all,

I’m working on my first Adalo app and have connected to an external collection. I have set up authentication with this external collection which I am using to filter the results shown to the logged-in user. The issue I am having is using an image that is stored in this filtered record, the image is stored as a single jpeg in an image column, when I try to use the magic text option for the image the field is not shown.

If I use a URL then is the image going to be the same regardless of the user logged in as it simply points to one image.

I have tried to search the help files but nothing seems to specifically cover this, if there is something in the help then I’m happy to work through if someone cound point me in the right direction.

This is the example that Adalo gives for Airtable…

  • Select the components which you want to use to display your list of records and lay them out.

  • Select all components using command (mac)/control (pc) + the shift or shift and your mouse to select.

  • The left slider will give you an option to Make a List, select this

  • Choose what data to display.

  • Set your design accordingly.

  • Click on components within the list (very bottom accordion)

  • Click the Image component

  1. Image Source = URL

2.URL = Magic Text > fields > attachments > url

  1. Choose your cropping based on your design
  • On the left slider top arrow go back to your list

  • Select your next components and input the fields as you need, with the use of the magic text feature.

I’ve tried variations of this but no go…

Hi @Gregpen,

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As far as I know it is not possible to display image as “Image” from external collection; you need to use URL of the image as a source.

Could you please explain more why you can’t use URL?

Best regards, Victor.

Hi Victor,

Thank you for your response, figured out a way to get the job done.


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