How to reject a form if data already exists?

Hi, hope all is well. I have a custom list where a user can upload a photo and attach a date to it. Screenshot attached.

How can I create it so that it does not allow a user to upload two items with the same date ie. if the data point already exists, is there a way to deny the new form entry?

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you program the button to make an item. Then you choose advanced and setup that action should work sometimes. There you setup that “create” should work only if the particular data set do not contain data from the form.

After that you can program “modals” (as additional screens) to show user success or fail. You program it the same way as the “create”.

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Hi - thank you so much for your response. I can not figure out how to do this ‘There you setup that “create” should work only if the particular data set do not contain data from the form.’

I am on the ‘sometimes’ screen but do not know how to configure this and the modals; it says ‘nothing available’

Yeah you are right. It is not working for forms :frowning:

I am not using a form. I am using a button that is getting information from the other components on the screen. Would that work with your approach?

Probably not.
I accidentally found something that might solve your problem → check this out:

And here is second one :slight_smile: Adalo hints: Follow-up for "prevent from creating duplicates" video: modal with warning - YouTube

Hi @HusMurad,

I’d advise to use “Count” approach. E.g you make a conditional action, select All Memories → Count, then add a filter to check for uniqueness, and if Count of records = 0 (meaning there is no such record), you can create it.

It will not work with forms though - as in the form it’s not possible to check what is entered in the fields. So most probably you will need to built a “custom form” out of Inputs.

Thanks @gskrypka for posting the link to the video. This is the 1st part by the way: Adalo Hints: how to prevent from creating duplicate records in the collection - YouTube

Best regards, Victor.

Thank you! Giving this a go now.

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