NoCode HQ Countdown Timer

Hey everyone! I’m making my first app with Adalo right now and would like to have the countdown timer make a chime or another sound when it is finished. Does anyone know how/if I can make this happen?


Hi Troy,

Try making an audio player component set up with the chime noise. Make the audio component as hidden as possible so the user doesn’t see it. Have the audio component ‘sometimes visible’ if text input IS NOT equal to empty.

Make this text input somewhere hidden also.

Set the action at the end of the timer to change input value of text input to 1.

So at the end of the timer, the text field updates, therefore audio player becomes visible and should autoplay (I think there is a setting on the audio player for that).

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Thank you so much, this was really helpful! I’ll try it tonight after work and if so I’ll consider my question solved :+1:

and don’t forget to re-change to input value when the “chime” ends to empty, personally i prefer using true and false.


I’ve been trying to figure out how to get the mp3 file that I want to play through the audio player. I created a collection called “sound effects” and uploaded the file under the name “countdown timer chime” but then when I add the audio player to my screen, there is no option to select the URL of that file. I think I might just have to take the loss on this one guys. Figuring out how to make a countdown timer make a noise has taken up way more time than I’m willing to admit :sweat_smile:

If I understand correctly, it sounds like the audio player component won’t play when not visible? Is that correct?

Also it sounds like the audio player component cannot play a sound directly, only through the input field workaround you mention. Is that also correct?

Thirdly, would it be possible to hide the audio player component behind another component without causing any negative effects?

Finally, a question you probably can’t answer, why the need for all these messy workarounds? Why not have an action that plays a sound, straight up?

The audio player does not play if it is not visible (set by the ‘sometimes visible’ property). I believe this is the case with all components.

You can make the audio player tiny, virtually invisible and behind another component - no problem.

The audio player will just straight up play a sound when the user clicks the play button. However, because we are trying to time it with for when countdown finishes, this is why we need the workaround in this case unfortunately.

Thanx, @theadaloguy. By ‘straight up’ I mean attach a sound event directly to a button, to a page load, to a timer rather than routing it through a clunky ‘audio player.’ Adalo has a lot of positive points but the way it handles some of the most basic things like sound or even text are horrible and, if not addressed, will kill it.

Correct? : How to add sound effects to your Adalo mobile app - YouTube

Made by Mario!

@dilon_perera: RE: video link; How is a procedure that takes 10 minutes to explain, involves 2 hidden input fields, hidden text, hidden rectangles, passing everything through ‘update user number,’ a hidden audio player made into a list and other assorted alchemy even remotely called “Direct?” Sorry, this may be a case of the emperor’s new clothes but all these workarounds are just idiotic. Apple and Android have sound-playing capabilities already and a solution needs to be devised that DIRECTLY accesses them: push a button, play a sound. Is it so hard? Adalo can directly access images, why not sounds? Come on, we need some push back on this because these calisthenics are ludicrous in the extreme. As I mentioned before, Adalo does many things well, amazingly well in fact, but handling sound through that flaky player and handling text without a database behind it – really fundamental stuff – are little short of crap and need to be addressed. Others have mentioned these issues [prior to leaving] as long ago as 2020. Nothing has been done.