Passing form input to countdown + one countdow triggering another


I have 2 quick questions as I am exploring Adalo countdown component:

  1. Is it possible to allow user to input the time (minutes and seconds) and pass it to countdown?

  2. Once having 2 or more timers on the page - is it possible to have a second countdown only start once the first one has finished?

Bonus question: I saw options to send push notification but could not find one for playing sound (on countdown finish)

Thank you for your guidance as I am starting my Adalo journey

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Question 1 - YES
Question 2 - YES, using ‚Äėchange visibilitry‚Äô

For 2, here is the method:

  1. Make a true-false property in logged in user called ‚ÄėMake countdown visible‚Äô (or whatever)
  2. Place 2 count downs on a screen.
  3. On the first countdown add an action after countdown finishes - Update Logged in User --> Make Countdown visible - TRUE.
  4. Now select the second countdown and click on ‚ÄėChange Visibility‚Äô and add the condition 'visible if Logged in User --> Make countdown visible is TRUE

Hope this helps


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