NocoderHQ html issue

Hi, do you have also this issue? That comes suddenly for no reason

It fixed suddenly for the html and now goes to the yt.

I was having trouble too with different components showing the same message (buttons and navigation and a lot of the pragmaflow ones). I also switched between different apps and some had all components available, others didn’t and switching between apps caused some to work again.

Not all are back I think but the ones I use regularly are - I think some of the pragmaflow ones are still not working and the image slider wasn’t coming up either.

Try logging out and logging back in, that seemed to make a difference as well. There was also another forum post on this that suggested to restart your computer as well as clear the cache so hope that might work for you.

If not, you will need to submit a support ticket:

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This usually only happens when it’s the first time you add a component to an app that you haven’t used in the app before.

Sometimes, this fixes itself after a few minutes.

A way that I’ve been able to combat this issue is to close the Adalo editor, clear the browser cache, open Adalo, and add the component again.


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