Not equal to sign


I am using a filterByFormula command and need to type a “not equal to sign”

Any ideas on how to do that?

Hi, Adalo has a “not equal to” value in the filters
but just in case you really really need it it’s =/=

Tried that as per the attached, not giving me a result.

Any advice?

Hi Darren,

If I got you correctly I think you need this :


({column's name} != 'value from magic text or a value')

Thank you

HI Dilon

I tried your suggestion, it returns a value whether it matches or not.

What I am trying to do is show a message if {columns name in Airtable} does not match a ‘value’ in an Adalo database. I have a separate formula showing if the result is true, with the returned data. Now i want to show a message something like “your search retuned no results” I have also tried with the visibility filter choices it provides me with dont allow me to choose an external value, only the count/sum.

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