Trouble Using Magic Text Values with filterByFormula in Adalo

I’m currently facing an issue while working on my Adalo app, and I hope someone here can provide some guidance. Here’s the problem:

I am pulling data from an Airtable and displaying it in a 'Simple List" on Adalo. When I use the filterByFormula function with a fixed formula, it works flawlessly. However, I’m running into difficulties when I attempt to use “Magic Text” values in my filterByFormula. In this case, the returned list is empty.

Here’s the context: I’m trying to provide users with a FILTER option so they can customize the data they want to see. To achieve this, I’ve created a filter screen where users can input their desired values. These values are then stored in their respective entries in the “User” database. My goal is to use these stored values in the filterByFormula to dynamically filter the data.

I’d greatly appreciate any help or insights from the community. Is this even possible? Or does “Magic Text” not work with filterByFormula in Adalo?

Thank you in advance for your assistance!