Change screen based on number calculation

Maybe I missed that somehow or having a FryDay, but I need to set a condition where if result of a calculated field is lower than 0.25 it goes to X screen, but if equal of bigger than 0.25 it goes to Y screen. Somehow not be able to “see it” :/. in the link fields, the conditions available are only “Equal”, “Not equal” and “Empty” Thank you very much.

Is the record a ‘number’ on the database? Or ‘text’ field?

Hi @sebastas

There are probably a few different ways to do this. If it’s a standard screen, you could have a user state. When the calculation runs, update the user with a T/F then route the next screen action based off that.

Hopefully that makes sense.

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Hi thanks for the inputs, but I found a very weird hack that works. But unfortunately Adalo has bug/limitations with input text and Dropdowns and with airtable.

I wanted to make a condition based on “greater or equal” using “input text”. But this only offers “equal”, “not equal” or “contains” filters, even if you format it to “number”. Using dropdown, if you calculated with formula/filter and putting a value by default, you still need to select that value manually (which takes the whole purposes of automation/redirection), this is from what I see a bug in Adalo.

The only way that I found, was to add one extra field with formula giving “1” or “0” in order to then use the “equal to” filter to redirect to proper screen. Hope it makes sense :).

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