Not parsing/sending any data to a next screen

For no reason sometimes actions will not send relationships and information.

As you can see the information on button top-right will send information to the next screen. But when I select the exact same button (it’s a copy) in the bottom-left I get a different notification and Adalo is not sending the data.

It is absolute nonsense why this is happening. At this moment we cannot add anything to the account of a users in upcoming screens in our app.

Please elaborate @ashley @Ben @Victor and/or any others?

I think this resource might help you fix the issue.

Credits to @pfordmedia for creating these.

The homescreen is where the problem occurs. When having an onboarding before entering the home-screen. The information will not be send to the home-screen when there are pages before.

thanks @bhanu, but after struggling for weeks now we’ve decided to move all our apps to appGyver