The Update Action doesn't update the Collection

Hi all,

I have set up one screen with “Text Input” fields with a "Next’ button to “Create” a new “Enquiry” record the Collection (Enquiries) and this works OK. There is also a second “Link” Action to take me to the next screen.

On the next screen, I have two more “Text Input” fields and a “Submit” button. The Submit button has an “Update” Action to update the “Current Enquiry” and then take me to a “Completion” Modal. The “Update” Action is not updating the fields in the Collection’s new record.

I have tried reproducing a new Screen with new Text Input fields and setup new Buttons and Actions but it still won’t update the Enquiries Collection fields.

As far as I can see, after several hours or going around in circles, both screens, Text Input fields and Create & Update Actions are set up correctly.

I’ve attached some screenshots.

Hoping someone will spot my mistake.

Thanks, Jim.

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