Notification badge for activity

Created a notifications/activity screen and trying to add a badge to the icon on the main feed when the user has notifications.

Notifications display as a custom list where they only show if the triggering user is followed by the logged in user and the logged in user is NOT in the “read notification” field. Once a user clicks on the notification they are added to “read notification” and the notification is removed from their list.

I want to display a badge (no count, just a dot) if there is >0 notifications in their list but I’m hitting a wall. I tried using the following
Display Sometimes:
all notifications count > 0
where triggering user is followed by logged in user AND
the notification read by does not contain logged in user

but logged in user email is NOT an option in the second part of the filter. What am i missing?

This would make a great tutorial or clone-able, trying to figure this out as well.

What I have been doing is paying more attention to List, they seem to be the gold standard in Adalo. Have you tried making them a list and using Users?

I’m not sure I understand - make what a list?

Currently on the activity page notifications are a list - filtered by user following triggering user and not already read.

Did you figure it out Eugen?

I’m playing around to find a solution. First i was showing the notification badge if logged in user - notification count >0 and was not working.
Now I’m changing something but still the icon is there

Sorry, the notify dot, make that a list itself.

But I’m thinking a true/false property would work better in this situation?

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