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Hi all,

My application is currently published with a chat where all users can talk to each other. I need to display a notification badge so that the logged in user can see when there’s a new message in the chat he hasn’t read yet.
I followed every tutorial I could find on this topic but couldn’t manage to make it work. Could you help me?

What I need is:

  • A notification badge that appears in the tab bar when there’s a new message in the chat the logged in user hasn’t read yet.
  • The notification badge must disappear when the message has been read by the logged in user (= when the screen has been visited)

My database:

  • A message collection linked to the users
  • A conversation collection which is empty for now (I keep it in case it will be useful but didn’t use it until now)

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Hello, what you can do is inside a red circle add a mathematical formula that is messages count with a filter that is messages count that the person receiving is equal to the logged in user and that the read is false…

On the chat page you can add a countdown with visibility sometimes if the receiving user is the same as the logged in user with an automatic action at 0 seconds that only updates the current Read message to true as long as the current read message is false

This may be another option to view unread messages

If not, there is a video you can use that also has actions on the screen.

When you mention the person receiving I guess you’re refering to the current user? I don’t have this data available, maybe this is where the problem comes from?

Hi @Anne-Sophie,

Checkout this thread! : Read status changes on ALL screens? Help!

Thank you

Hi @dilon_perera :wave: :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help as always. I tried to follow the thread you sent but I don’t have a “current conversation members”. Actually I would like all the users to see the notification badge when there’s a new unread message.
Do you know anything that could help?

Thanks a lot

Oh… so group chat? You could do this with a many to many rel like visible when conversations that rel does no contains logged in user and update that rel when sending message and clicking on a conversation. I’ll try to share a app within this week!

Also tagging @Yongki that may have a better idea because he has created a chat system with this function for both 1v1 and group chats!

Hi Dilon,

Thanks for your answer. I ended up buying a component by NocodeMonkey that works beautifully.
Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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