Notification function

We have build a general kind of SNS by Adalo, which has functions of 1) searching and connecting friends in the app, 2) publishing and reading a personal profile, and 3) talking with friends.

From now, we would like to add features of 4) feeding personal news and 5) check-in with GPS like Facebook.

<Question 3>
Is it possible to furnish notification function to the progressive web app build by Free Plan of Adalo? Since we are building a general kind of SNS containing connecting and chatting function, we believe that installing notification function together is necessary in terms of the user experience.

Check this out

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@Arun Thank you for your advice. However, what I wanted to know was whether we can install the function of notification by pop-up or banner in a progressive web app, not in a native mobile app. Could you kindly tell me about it?

@Arun We would appreciate if you kindly give us advice on it? Thanks.

Hi, I don’t think I am expert enough to guide you on this. For me, trial and error worked well so far. That’s how I learnt a bit and sharing as much as I know. Hopefully others in this forum can help you better.

@Arun Thank you for your kind message!

I hope somebody in this forum could give us advice here.

Adalo still doen’t send notification to PWA, you need a build in Adroid and iOS to get notification,also required configuration in firebase. Adalo should work on send notification to PWA asap. Purpose of PWA is mainly for notifications features.

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