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Can someone explain if push notifications are only able to be seen within the app? I want to remind users when they are not in the app of task due dates. Does push notifications accomplish this? Do I need to use Zapier and if so what should I use to connect it? I feel like this is a very important topic. I’d appreciate if Adalo could make more videos on this. I’m not looking for email or text message notifications. I just want users to be reminded before task due dates.

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The push notifications only work when an application is published on to the stores(Google Play Store or Apple App Store).

If your application is published, and you want to send push notifications automatically, you can use zapier/ to send push notifications automatically but it will require more tools/services.

Also, Kindly refer to the below adalo document

To send notifications in a PWA(progressive web app) you must use zapier/ to send email notifications or text message notifications, based on your feasibility.

Feel free to reach out if you need help setting this up, happy to connect.


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