Notification problem on my App

Hi, i have an question about Notifications on an Adalo app that I am working.I want to send a notification to all users when I add a Service on my app from Database, because my app doesn’t have an admin dashboard to add these Services but on this app we have an admin that add’s these Services from Database.
These Services are displayed on other lists as well, so i need the logic for Notification list to also be deleted after 24h automatically but I want only in the Notification list to be deleted, not in other lists that these Services are added.
So what i mean is these Notification will be sent to all Users when a Service is added and it should be deleted after 24h automatically.

Thank you for your time!

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I hope someone will help you bro, bc it seems impossible

Not sure exactly what are you looking for, but from what I understood… in the notification list filter on notifications with created date after 1 day ago, and you will be fine, i mean no need to go back and delete the notification, just do jot show the old ones !!!

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