Push notification when data is added to Adalo database?

Is it possible to just have a push notification go to all users on the platform when I enter new data in an Adalo database? Our platform doesn’t have any content being generated in the app, it’s simply an information app so no user-generated content.

As the admin, I want to send notifications when a new restaurant is available. Is this easy to do? Ideally, as soon as I add a new record in the database, all users would get a push notification.

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I got a bit further with this except there is one last issue. I connected it with Zapier and if I specify a single email address in “audience”: { “email”: “{{98981386__Recipient > Email}}” }, then it works fine but when I select "Recipient > Email: " It says no data but the data is in fact there and the linkage is correct when I link the user database

Can you post a screenshot of your setup for this.

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