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Hi Adalo users,

I required your input with regards to the trigger push notifications. I am currently having a screen with a filter. I would want my notification to be triggered when the filter appears on my screen. Is there a way to do this?

To elaborate further, when the data appears in the filter, it means that the equipment is expiring within 30 days. So, this notification is going to tell the admins to send equipment for calibration. Hope to hear your input. In this case, do I know to use external API?

Thank you

Can You Elaborate on what a filter is and there is action that you can do on the screen when a user looks at it

I have list with a filter that if the equipment current date is 30 days between the due date, the equipment would appear in the list. So when this equipment appears in the list indicating it’s due, it would trigger a notification and reminder.

Do you want this to be done automatically or do you just want it to show up on their screen?

I want this to be done automatically

you will need an Api to do that DM Me if you need any Help

I would want the notification to automatically trigger in the phone when an equipment is expiring in 30 days and when they see the list, the only equipment present in the list will be those expiring in 30days.

You can use a combination of zapier and Abracadalo to do that

Hi Grant Woods as privately conversed. Below is my screen for reference:

As you can see from the filter, whenever the calibration due date appears in the screen due to it’s filter, I would like adalo to trigger a notification on the phone. No sms or email. Just a pop up notification to provide a reminder that the calibration date is due soon in 30 days. Understand on the use of zapier and abracadalo is needed, but it seems like I could not find any guides to could help me achieve this trigger requirements. It would be great if I could be able to implement this with guidance. Thank you.

use this to make the notification, on there youtube chanle they will show you to do it

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