Notification question

Hello, I have a question, how can I make an app when viewed from the computer to show the notifications on the side like the ones that arrive in the forum? When a client places an order, that lateral notification arrives, then it may be on another website but that pop-up message arrives anyway

Hi @Santiago !

Currently we don’t have desktop or web notifications, only native (iOS and Android) notifications. This is however something we would like to do in the future, but we don’t currently have a timeline on if/when this would happen.


Thanks Patrick for always responding, Yes, I already invented a notification with a modal and a hidden youtube with sound, that when you place an order, it is an unread request (false) so when the administrator is in the application you get a modal with When you read it, a new order is set to true, but I would like it to reach you even if you are viewing another website since this notification only arrives if it is in the app … in the native ones if I have them all active!

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