Notification inside APP to the Admin

Hi there,

I’m trying to create a Resataurant Order APP.
In the APP we have 2 side:

  • User side
  • Admin Side

When a User create a Order, on the Admin side must appear a notification.
I made it using a list based on order where appear a screen notification.
When You click on the image this Notification list disappear and under that, there is a list of order.
But when I try to click on an element of the list, doesn’t work to go to the detail view.
It seems the notification list cover the list of order.

I made a video:
Video of the APP

Hello Evil,

It looks like that you forgot to add a “click action” to your “order list”.
that’s why when you try to click it doesn’t go to the current order.


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Hi Willian,
Thanks for answer.
I’ve tested before without the notification the list has the correct action.
I checked again and it’s all correct.
I think the the list caontaining the notification, cover the other list even without any content. :pensive:

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