Push Notifications to Non-Logged in Users

Hey! So I’m currently creating an app for my school. It’s a simple information app with quick links and announcements and a calendar that displays the schools events. There is no reason why a user needs to log in to access this information. They should be able to simply launch the app, and bam, they have access to all features, no logging into anything, they can just use the app to its full capacity. I would like to use Push Notifications to send a message to every person that has the app installed on their iOS devices for an announcement system. I saw the “psuedo-user” method on another article, but for my use case, I don’t see a way in which that solution would be easy to implement currently. I’m on the Starter plan and, due to my tight budget, cannot afford to upgrade to get access to the collection API. If theres no way within Adalo itself, how could I include a service like OneSignal? I don’t even need to have the Notifications be created within Adalo or the App itself, I’d be perfectly fine with creating and sending Push Notifications through an external dashboard, like the one OneSignal offers. Any help is appreciated!

TL;DR: Send Push Notifications to all users without logging anyone into the app

You’re going to have to at least ask for the users email because that’s the only way you can “address” a notification to a user in Adalo. There’s no “everyone in my app”.

You can’t incorporate another messaging service into your app without writing a custom component and even if you were to have access to the API, any external system would still need to know how to reference a user and there’s no access in Adalo to a unique device ID to pass on.

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