Can we send Notifications directly from Adalo, without help from Zappier

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I am trying to send notifications to Login and not-logged-in users. But while watching the help video, it seems I need to get help from Zappier.

I thought everything can be handled by Adalo platform.

Sample video is as follows,

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Hi there. If you can send perfectly. but you cannot program them as suggested by the zapier or integromat tutorial

Hi @k86305,

  • It is possible to send Push notifications only to logged-in users. If a user is logged out, or never registered, he/she will never receive a notification.
  • Notifications could be sent from the app itself. They are sent immediately. You need external services like Zapier or Integromat only if you need to schedule notifications’ sending.

Best regards, Victor.

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@leguizamonmax and @Victor , oh OK thanks for clarifications. Really appreciated.

Now I understand why we need Zapier or Integromat. :+1: