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I’ve set up all my notifications, everything is working except the destination screen. How can I point a screen from my notifications screen ? I thought it was the dropdown “Screen” with all our app screens in the “Trigger Notification” section

Thank you !

Hi @Benm,

Exactly - in that dropdown you select a screen to which you’d like to send the user.
Note - this will not work if user closes the app on his/her phone.
And notifications will not be received if user logs out.

Best regards, Victor.

Thank you Victor, so I did it but it’s not working… Maybe I did something wrong. Any ideas ?

It works 50 percent of the time on iOS and crashes 100 percent of the time on play store

Hello, how are you? Please, do you also provide services as a component developer, and support for API integrations?

Hi @Taillards,

I’ve replied in Direct Messages.


I sincerely apologize for giving such late feedback!
But unfortunately I don’t have any more time to learn how to use the next platform because I’m in a very difficult situation.
I need to recover my students, and still fight in the arena of social networks.
Adalo is a GREAT platform, but I don’t have time to fix the structure for the thousands of devices on the market.
ON iOS it’s GREAT all visual, but on Android … it’s just awful.

So I returned to SIBERIAN CMS because I have a release, and I can’t wait for personal problems anymore.

Excuse me sincerely!

And thanks so much for the feedback!

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