Notifications do not send to the specified screen

Hello guys!
Seems to me that notifications do not send to the screen you choose in trigger notification settings. Almost always it sends me to the home screen.

Anyone having the same issue? What can I do about it?

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I have a problem with push notifications too.
I never received a request notification and, accordingly, trigger notifications do not come.
theadalloguy helped me to check this, it has the same result

p.s. not tested it on the iPhone yet.

It turned out that this only works on the iPhone.
And one more question - my trigger notifications is automatically written in English, although I enter them in Russian, how to fix it?

I have an iPhone and notifications in Russian from an Adalo app come in Russian.

Does anyone have any ideas about the original question?
How can I send the user to a specified screen?

@erveen deep linking capability is not yet available in Adalo. Here’s a feature request, you can upvote and track progress.

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