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I’m trying to send a message to whatsapp through but I don’t know how I can get a number already registered in the database and add it to the send link.

Hi @Maykel,

What’s Looks like it’s not appearing?

You can send a message to WhatsApp like this : Send whatsapp message - #3 by ishantanusrivastava

WhatsApp Docs :

Thank you

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Hi is exactly the way to send messages to whatsapp, I can only send messages with the phone number in the message ex: I would like to change this number to a number already registered in my database, ie dynamic data. Thanks

You were referring to right?

You can add the number with magic text! How you want that? You want that to be a clicked user? Maybe sharing your setup?

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Now you can add the number from magic text! ( click on the magical T icon on the right side and then you can add the number )

What I’m not getting, it seems that Adalo doesn’t offer this option

You don’t see this?


( in this case I have added logged in user’s phone number )

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I did that but it gave an error

And in case you are taking the logged in user’s cell phone, I wanted to send a message to someone else, eg I click on a photo and it automatically redirects me to with the number of the person already registered in the database. I’ve searched the forum but no one has answered this question

What’s the error you see?

Additionally you can use this component made by Pragmaflow!

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I managed to solve the error, I just can’t believe Adalo doesn’t do such a simple thing

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Awesome! Is it possible to share the error that you got and how you solved it so that this will help for the future makers? :slightly_smiling_face:

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I was only able to solve the problem of sending message to whatsapp and error appears, you need to change the cell phone formatting. What I want to do I still haven’t solved, looking at the forum here some people were also having this same problem and no one answered. Thank you very much for your good will, I think I’ll have to look for another solution, a pity because I really like Adalo.

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