How to use whatsapp chat on app

I have created an app name KitKart and I want to use Whatsapp to be the main source for users to chat. For example, John created a new listing about giving out furniture. Mike see his listing and text, John, through Whatsapp. The same Rebecca listed on the app also and Lola want to communicate through WhatsApp. How would that work?

Here is my idea for you:

With WhatsApp you can use links that can be trigerred to open with whatsapp on phones:

Use :

When a user sign up, you could ask for their phone number in the above format:

Don’t use :

Once you have the data, you can create a button. On click: Link to external website:’sUser’sNumber

so if a user signed up with 15553455 then the link will be:

I hope that helps

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