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can i config icon to send whatsapp message?

If they have a Zapier integration you might be able to use that. Or you could try an action linking to an external link for whatsapp if they support deep linking.

Yes, you can just take WhatsApp icon image paste it where you want & set image click action to external website & paste this link in external website without any spaces, commas or special symbols: Share on WhatsApp**


Why it doesn’t work on IOS? Is there another way to do it?

You can also use the WhatApp URL scheme, by pasting this in a link action address: whatsapp://send?text={MagicTextfromAdalo}


Hi, how do the same thing for an image?
With this link it only shares the url
Thank you

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Hi @Aur and welcome! You might could send the URL of the image, but that would depend on WhatsApp’s end of things. I’d have to try it myself honestly to know if it could work.

Hi, thks for you reply, yes you can send the url of the image but it’s not super user friendly :), i had an other answer and there are a request open: Social Share button | Voters | Adalo. In the meantime if you have a solution i’ll take it :slight_smile:

Hola, tengo una duda. Como configuro el textYouWant o a que se refiere ese texto, o cual es su funcion?


Please refer to this page -

Hi, you can get the user to send a message to a specific contact by using this link:
where whatsappphonenumber is a full phone number in international format and urlencodedtext is the URL-encoded pre-filled message.

Just make sure the whatsapp number includes both country and area code. +55 31 912345678 would be a Brazilian number format for example.

Insert this link in an external website link and it will work just fine. You can add magic text and picture URLs in the text to be sent.


I am having trouble with my own solution; if the user’s phone is iOS, it doesn’t work. If someone have another way to do this, please post it here.

Es un mensaje predeterminado que quieres que aparezca pre-escrito cuando seleccionas mandar un mensaje de Whatsapp. algo así como: “Hola, quisiera saber más información sobre su servicio”

Yes, I want the user to be redirected to a specific chat, with a pre written text that is defined using Adalo Magic text.

My goal is to be able to share a text, composed of several lines, via Whatsapp, both via smartphone and via desktop browser.
I’ve done some tests using the following syntax:

1) "whatsapp://send?text=" 		
2) ""
3) ""

And the results are:

  1. only works on the smartphone, even with messages with multiple lines
  2. and 3) it works on the smartphone and on the desktop, but only with messages in which the carriage return has not been inserted

I noticed that even if I use a text input that is not multi-line, but I type the carriage return this is still embedded in the text causing the error.
What’ the best way to clean up unwanted characters from input (without using external services), carriage return in this case?

Does anyone know of a solution that allows the sharing of a multi-line text with Whatsapp that also works with the desktop browser (without using external services)?

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

how to know the phone number?

it doesn’t work on iOS because iOS doesn’t allow third party APIs are even applications similar like this og whatsapp to integrate.

Hello @barden, I have it in my app and works just fine on iOS and Android.
We have released many updates and builds, no issues with our setup. Here is what it looks like

Hope this helps! (Note: We changed the number just for display purposes on this post)

Absolutely, you can use a WhatsApp share button or link to send messages. Simply use the ‘’ URL and attach the phone number you want to message at the end. Attach this URL to your chosen icon. I also experiment with alternative og whatsapp, it worked. Don’t forget to include the country code in the number.