Official Adalo Switch component broken


As you can see I’m using the switch component and it keeps breaking randomly in my live app and pwa. Randomly, not all the time which is confusing the hell out of me. I can’t pinpoint why it is doing this as i have given the parameters their function. Nothing crazy, all they do is tick a T/F in a user profile. Please help thanks.

I removed the actions, and apparently its working…but I would like a confirmation that this plugin is NOT experiencing issues as I will be pushing this live to my users and if this breaks it will cause massive app implications.

Hi Mark,

There is no issue in the actual component. This randomly happens if the editor can’t find the code files but should be resolved after a refresh.

Idk. This pic is from the current TestFlight version as I wrote this, not from the editor.

The editor works fine now after some changes but not in the live app. I’ll test a new TestFlight version tonight. Time will tell.

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Still breaking randomly. Not a stable component.


Hi @marklive, could you check if this is the legacy component you’re using? If not, could you please submit a ticket for us to be able to look at it closely?


Shows updated over a year ago. By Adalo. I’ve already moved on and using something more stable.

But switches are an unstable component in its current state. Spent two days trying everything and it’s still does that error above, randomly.

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