Switch Component disappeared

Since the “switch” component was launched we are doing the configuration, to use it in the activation of “follow and unfollow” user. It was working correctly until today, when the component disappeared in the app. But also in the list of installed components. And when we see the market, it appears as installed. Can anyone help us?
I see this as something really worrying, since it takes weeks to learn and configure an app feature and how it works. And if these things happen later, it is serious. Either the component system is not well prepared yet or there is something wrong with the Adalo platform. Please, if someone knows something, let me know? Thank you.

We are aware of this bug in the builder but as far as we understand, it does not affect the app itself and that the component continues to work there. Is that also the case in your issue?

We are already working towards a fix for this problem.

If you’re right, in the preview mockup they do look and work, they keep their function and configuration, but in Adalo layout and it doesn’t appear as available. OK I understand that they will try to fix it ASAP. thanks.

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