"ok" button missing on Time/Date form

My video comparison below illustrates a UX issue on the Date & Time Form when comparing Adalo’s app Preview experience vs. the same Date & Time Form when the iOS app is in “TestFlight” stats. Any of the badass Adalo users have a solution for this?

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Hi @NoCode81,

As an UI option - make the DateTime Picker a bit “narrower” and put he “OK” button on the right near it?
I know it’s just a workaround, but should help… or you could create your own custom datepicker.

Best regards, Victor.

Best regards, Victor.

Hi @Victor. I have only added the native Adalo form, which updates Time & Date. The “ok” button, or lack thereof, is coming from iOS Time/Date picker?

You can see the difference in the videos above. I’m having trouble finding the source of the problem.

Thanks !

Hi @NoCode81 ,

What I mean is having a Datepicker component + OK button on the right, custom built - not in the form.

With the button below the date picker I have the same problem as on your videos.


I see what you’re saying now! Do you ever use a similar process for search boxes? At times filtered lists load very slow. but perhaps adding some type of action button that initiates the search would be better?

Thanks you as always, @Victor

Hi @NoCode81,

Well, “classic” approach to filtering doesn’t have any button involved; the list should be filtered automatically based on Input box value… which sometimes could be slow :frowning:

Of course you could “simulate” the search button, for example:

  • create “search string” property in User’s collection
  • use this value from this property as a list filter
  • update property’s value from the input, by pressing the “Search” button.

You will also need to have a hidden “empty input” somewhere, so that you could “reset” the value of the “search string” when needed (I’m not aware how this could be done differently - there is no way to “zero out” the value of the property in a collection).

Not sure how faster this will work though :slight_smile: At least user will have the feeling that the search is kind of being performed :slight_smile:

Best regards, Victor.