Old data staying in a form

I have an ‘update profile’ page for my users. This includes multiple text input fields for users to update their email, profile name, etc.

The page seems to be working except for one part.
When I update User A’s profile information I’ll then log out and log in as User B. When I go to update User B’s profile info, the information for User A is still in the text fields.

How do I make sure this info is removed after each update?

Hi @o_c,

I tried to reproduce this on my app but I get the correct details for that relevant user on my Update Form.

Is it possible to add a video of your app preview and setup?

Thank you

Can you show some screenshots of where your logout actions occur and the way the screens are linked?

Also, the form that you’re referring to that updates the profiles.

Try clearing cookies or doing it in a private browser tab. This happens with PWA but not in native builds.
Also make sure you aren’t mixing ‘Current User’ with ‘Logged in User’.

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