On Edit Profile screen, the characters in the Password field are not hidden, and when I go to the Edit Profile screen, the characters in the Password field were saying '[hidden]'

Please help me

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Hi Firoz,

This is probably a bug with your app.

Please submit a support ticket.

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Thank you, I just submitted the support ticket. Hopefully, I’ll get a response within 24-48 hours.

Hi. I got also a bug with password. He is visible on one of my last app. With login adalo module.

I also got the same password bug. Password is not hidden on a login form.

It doesn’t change even if I created the login form again and again… :sweat:

I have the same problem. Did they answer you?

Hi @Oluap,
I did get a response.
They said:
"Hi Firoz,

Thanks for reaching out and I am sorry you are facing this issue. This is something we were recently made aware of in a few apps and are in the process of investigating. It appears that the passwords are still stored hidden.

I have added you to a list for us to updater you as we make progress against it.

I will update you as soon as we can!


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The issue still stands, my app login forms are doing the same. Hope they can find a fix!

It’s happening on one of my other apps.
When will this be fixed?

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