Display a Screen Only Once on the First Run

How to create a screen that only display once on the first run? I would like to create an app tutorial screen so users can watch the tutorial before continuing when they run the app for the very first time.

Hi @ITWill,

Like when the user signup to the app it goes to the tutorial screen and then the user can watch and click the button to go to the Home screen. But that screen only displays one time no matter if the User watched that tutorial or not right? Correct?

Then you can add a link action on your Signup form to that tutorial screen and when the user Signups to the app user goes to the tutorial screen and if the user close the app and open again then user directly goes to the Home screen and that screen will display for New Users when they Signup!

Something like this :

Or this :

Thank you

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But user signup is optional

Then have a true/false property related to the user that you can call “Onboarded” (as an example).

If the property is false, then the user goes through that screen, and when they do, you change the property to true.

If the property is true, then the user does not go through that screen.

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You can Signup the user as a guest user and he/she don’t know that he/she has Signuped and you can do the true/false method like my 2nd video. ( And Charles also posted that. Thanks Charles! )

This Topic by Colin can help you to create the Guest Use flow :

Can I do that even if the user is not login or login as guest?

I remember seeing that tutorial. I may give that a try if @charleshope 's suggestion doesn’t work out.


Yes, you can.

I will give that a try. Thanks,

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