Once I publish my app to the Apple App Store, does it become a standard Xcode app?

First, to be clear, I’m not planning on leaving Adalo. But I would like to learn a little about the tech side.

Before I found no-code services like Adalo, I tinkered with Xcode, trying to learn how to build an app the old school way. I really just didn’t have the time to learn to code like that.

So my question is, once I publish my app (as a proper App Store app), is it converted to Xcode or some other standard app language, and could I, if I wanted to, edit the app without using Adalo, like any traditional code literate developer? Are there technical or proprietary barriers to doing that?

Part of the reason I’m asking is that I think reverse engineering my own app would be a great way to learn to code.

Yes, it becomes standard XCode android studio projects with React-Native on top. So there are a handful of lines in Objective-C and Java and the rest is React-Native javascript.

It is against the Terms and Conditions to reverse engineer the system, but Adalo made public the mobile-previewer which is a scaled down version of the real Adalo app, but it gives a good idea of what the app might look like inside.

It is here: GitHub - AdaloHQ/mobile-previewer: Mobile app for previewing / managing applications

Yes, you could edit the app without using the Adalo interface, but that is against the terms and conditions.

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Excellent. Great information. Like I said, I have no intention of leaving. I’m really finding Adalo to be a great way to build (and manage) my app.

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