One App - Multiple databases


Making heaps of progress on my App.

So, now I’ve set up the external databases in Airtable, how can I set it up so:

When a client signs-up, I help them customise their exact data in Airtable and when they register in the App and select their Company, it shows their company’s dataset. But if another separate company signs-in, they see their own dataset in Airtable etc etc

I only want to publish one (1) app in the App Store, but based on the Company login, vary the database presented in the app. How do I do this? Is there a trick I can do by Directly linking External Collections with a Company collection?

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Hi @aus11,

If you’re using external collections - you can try exploring the way to use Magic Text in external collection’s API:

With that you can store individual table name for each user, as a result you’ll have different tables accessed by different users.
Probably you could even use different URLs with different Authorization tokens (Adalo allows to use Magic Text in values for the headers & queries as well).

Best regards, Victor.

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