One button click to update all list

Would be great if there would be a way to choose a value in a inputtext/select and then click just one button to update all in that list. Currently I can already add the values but need to click all buttons individually. Unless there is a workaround. Thanks

Perhaps the answer to this lies within @Victor’s tutorial here: Bulk operations and Timer Tricks, part 2: cascade deleting of items

Hi Colin,
Thank you, but that makes me still click the Toggle button one by one, I use already the “+” for that. Ideally for future, a button outside list should be able to update whole list. Also as an idea having select/dropdowns with possibility of adding action.


The multi select dropdown component allows you to place actions on selection and deselection.

Hi @sebastas,

“Toggles” in mass delete video are not mandatory. In fact, they were used for “cascading” delete (i.e. one selects the necessary number of shopping carts, and then each item in each of these carts is deleted).
With a plain list, you can easily implement automatic update.

I’ve made the tutorial, maybe it could be useful:

Hi @Victor,
Thanks, I will try today, didn’t have much time this week.

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