One-One Relationships?

I am working on a Marketplace application like Fiverr, and want some of my user’s to have seller access. I wanted to create a separate table for Sellers and define a relationship between User and SellerAccount. I guess it shall be a one on one relationship, however I cannot define one.

How can I solve this?

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Adalo help files say

While One-to-One relationships do not exist in Adalo, sometimes it is necessary to adapt the One-to-Many relationship type for this purpose. These instances are rare, but do crop up from time to time. For example, if an event host can only be assigned one event at a time and the event can only have one host. The “Many” side of the relationship can be disregarded.

Though ‘disregarding’ doesn’t go far enough in my experience. You will find when building out your app that you cannot rely on this to behave as you would expect a 1:1 relationship. This being said, don’t be put off, great things are achievable in Adalo, but be sure to research the limitations from the start, save being disappointed later on.

Hopefully I stand to be corrected by an expert on the forum, and will learn with you.

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Thanks for the reply. I will look into it.

Hello, what you should do is work with true or false in the database of users: Seller?

Then you can make a filter list all users> sellers> true

Like only users can upload products> sellers> true

The products have to have a relationship a product belongs to a user … then when the user enters the seller’s profile there is a list with all the products and filter that user email > logged in user


Hi @rakshit087 ,

Just adding what @Rozza and @Santiago have said,

You could have role property in users collection, it can be numbers, 1 for admin, 2 for seller, 3 for buyer and so on

It is better to put all the fields in users collection, is it going to grow big ? you bet it is, we need to put all the necessary fields there even the probably calculated fields and temporary fields, but the result is we get the job done.

To have a better perspective, I would suggest to design a spreadsheet first to get to know what you want to build, and share part of this spreadsheet to ask for help.


Thank you, this is what I am using for now, and yes, user collection has became huge!

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Thank you, I am using this solution for my application.
Have a great weekend.

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