Register a Sub brand using one-one relationships

I’m trying to create a relationship with users where users can create a kennel account (one user can have one kennel acct and one kennel acct belongs to one user). Where a kennel acct can register a brand (including a form to fill) and only logged in user > kennel user can have access to that particular brand. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance

1:1 relationships don’t exist in Adalo. You will need to compromise, use 1:M relationship but enforce the relationship from the front end.

Tried that (1-M relationship) I did a kennel screen where users can register (create new kennel user) acct which is added to the database of kennel users taking them to a dashboard screen. the register screen is only visible for kennel users which is a preset true/false function. But whenever I go back to home/ previous screen and try to open kennel acct page, it takes me to the “register screen” even after a registered acct has just been created. Can you help with this?

Probably what you need is a button, which is actually a list of kennels filtered to ‘includes logged in user’. The list returns max 1 record.

On that button you will be able to link to the ‘kennel detail screen’. :+1:
Doing it automatically will require the countdown timer.

Hey, is there a way I can reach out to you. I tried that didn’t work or maybe I didn’t do it correctly. Is there anywhere i can text you on or email so I can show you the screen directly so you can direct me if possible. Super thanks

Hi you can book a call with me, share a veed or loom on here or via DM.
Better still, in addition… share a clone of your app here on DM.

Alright thanks. How can I Dm you?

I sent you one. Reply to that :grinning:

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