One or another bug always arising in native build

Dear Adalo team, my dropsdown in for was working fine since yesterday in android native app, I build the new version again yesterday after some feature enhancement and published, not dropdown not functioning properly, it’s showing data, but when we select, it doesn’t select the data, it’s only in native app, pwa working fine. like this way we cannot believe this platform to build our app.


This problem occurs also on Apple builds since 10 days or so…

Adalo team is disappeared, no reply at all for any support requested, we are paying developers, still they don’t bother. even notifications are not triggering… I’ve raised the ticket, since 10 days no reply at all.


We are facing the same issue in iOS while our planned launch is next week. Quite frustrating but the only way is to do a text work around instead of using these select function.

Hopefully Adalo staff can fix this because a lot of people need this for any type of app really.

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