Drop down list does not work in Android

Hi, everyone.

When I built app and test in Android device, the drop down list on form screen doesn’t work.

When I tap dropdown list, the list opens properly.
But though I selected the item, it doesn’t show in the box…

PWA and iOS app are OK. Only in Android app case this issue happen.
I need to delivery this app to my client soon, so I hope this problem would be fixed.
If I am wrong, please tell me.

We have reported 10 days back and this is still open. Our app has edit screens wherein we need to show the user-chosen dropdown values, but it is not showing up for some reason.

This is pending for quite some time.


It is difficult to take Adalo seriously. the login component with e gmail has not been working for weeks on Android.

(Several people are complaining and doing nothing. I already sent them a message and it takes them a year to respond and they still do nothing. The Dropdown Menu component has not been working for more than a week, too. How do they want to move forward if they can’t handle it? It’s not money that makes a big company, but the concern to act as quickly as possible to do what’s right, instead of having quantity, the most important thing is quality. I’ve been on the Pro plan for over 6 years months and managed to do some projects using Adalo. At the same time I lost all of them because of a LOT of complaints. Slowness, components fail the week, the geolocation component takes months to be done. They need to align and take seriously the entrepreneurs who decided to bet on Adalo and build serious projects. I write this believing that I can wake up and make the Adalo tool something more solid. and it was amazing were the comments, saying that maybe something new or improvement will come on the platform now. I feel like I threw away 300 dollars and many hours. You are reading this message and want to do a serious project, solid at this moment is not Adalo, maybe in the near future or not. Flutter Flow was launched this month and I have my eye on it and on new solutions that were launched this year.


Just to provide an update.

This issue is still open. A simple, fundamental, straightforward component which is been there for ages, not performing correctly raises a question on the quality of the release. I am sorry to say this - too disappointing to work with the support team back and forth on this issue for the past 4 weeks.

Once I told everyone that I am long on Adalo, but this is getting too risky to sustain business using adalo. I have almost lost 50% of my users due to new issues raising with each build.

@Colin @Ben

We are certainly aware that sometimes our bug process can take longer than expected to resolve each case.

To address this, we have recently more than doubled our development team size and although it’s not an instant solution as these new developers need to familiarise themselves with our code base, we expect this will speed up our bug resolution process tremendously in the coming months.

I can only apologise for what may come across poor quality control or neglect of service in the previous few months.


Thanks for your response @Colin !

My main concern is how your team is prioritising issues. Components like TextBox, Dropdown, buttons are basic ones in any UI dev and if we started seeing issues with these components, Adalo has definitely a big problem at hand. These are fundamental ones, without these, we can’t even perform any dev.


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