I'm having problems with the drop-down menu component

I am having problems with the Dropdown menu component. it’s amazing because it’s no problem, it’s normal. Question is: When I select an option it is not shown, it continues as if no option was selected.

Are you using an action to save it to the database?

So let’s say you have a dropdown named ‘color dropdown’ with colors “blue, red, green etc”

Then at the bottom of the page we would have a button ‘submit’

The button would have an action- update > logged in user > favorite color > form inputs ‘color dropdown’

Without that action nothing will happen.

Is this maybe the problem? If you can provide screenshots of your setup I can provide more feedback.

Captura de Tela 2021-05-22 às 02.24.23

As I said it was normal. All screens that have this component are no longer working. I checked and saw that it’s not just me. IT WAS NORMAL, it happened out of nowhere 3 days ago. All these standard actions I did. It is configured correctly.

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If the functionality was working before, I would suggest submitting a support ticket here:

The same thing happened a week ago, when we entered the password to login and the problem was with Adalo. I don’t know why every week there is a new problem.

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