OneSignal or Twillio API Integration

So forgive me for the newbie question but I am not too familiar with coding. I am trying to integrate push notifications into my app through either Twillio or OneSignal. I am trying to integrate the API and keep getting errors. I know I am doing something wrong just not sure what exactly that is and how to remedy the problem. Any help would be appreciated!!

Hi Jaron,

Is your app a native app? If this is the case, why do you not use the push notifications directly from Adalo?


Yes it is native!

I guess i assumed that I couldn’t. I watched to trigger notification video but I am wanting to create “groups” with different push notifications that I can send out whenever I want. Did I assume wrong that I can’t achieve that in Adalo?

I really wish I could schedule but I know that isnt an option currently in Adalo.

@jaronhumiston Actually there is a option for scheduling push notifications.

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You can manually send out notifications whenever you want or send notifications on triggers but if you want to schedule notifications then you will have to use Zapier or another provider as James has mentioned above. Please let me know if you need any help with triggering the native notifications (I do not have much experience with Zapier so might not be able to help much on that front).


Ok so I managed to get the OneSignal REST API connected to Adalo as an external collection, now if i just want to send out push notifications, what do I do from here?

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