Web Notifications (Chrome, Firefox, Opera)

I’m setting up Adastacks for notifications inside the iOS and Android app, and I’m wondering if there something I can do to set up web notifications as well.
In my Wordpress site, I use OneSignal. Is there a way to request notifications permission on Adalo as well, and then use external services to trigger notifications?

I have not used it, but since you’re already using it, have you considered using OneSignal’s API?

You would do this with Custom Actions:

Here’s the API documentation for OneSignal:

I really don’t think I have the skills to setup this kind of custom action.
It would be great if someone could make a tutorial for dummies (like me) with a step-by-step guide on how to set up scheduled and recurring notifications.

I understand. Just based on the documentation, this one requires a little more than just the onesignal API to make it work, you’ll also need a way to detect the user’s browser type in order to add a user’s device to onesignal.

I don’t have a onesignal tutorial on my roadmap as of right now and I don’t think I’d be able to get to it for another week or 2. I have a lot of mentoring sessions booked and projects to take care of for the rest of this week and next week.


great, I use one signal in my wordpress projects! I will see to integrate it in adalo


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