Onesignal Push notifications

Is there a way to add onesignal push notifications without using the default adalo push notifications


I’m not familiar with OneSignal but having just looked at their documentation, they offer a RestAPI so this should be completely possible to integrate in to Adalo.

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I am currently on the free plan

I’m afraid the best way to implement this is through the API.

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I’d love to learn if this is possible. It would solve for a lot of the current limitations.

@Colin is it certainly just API that’s possible? For example it asks to generate a certificate and upload to Apple’s Developer site.

Any guidance would he huge!

The other way would be for a developer to create a custom component to do this on a more native level.

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Thanks @Colin, do you think is possible to implement as well? They have a REST API and JSON support. (

I used in the past at a company I worked for and it is a very robust marketing and comms automation tool. They don’t have a free plan, however and it’s $200/mo. This is definitely a barrier to entry, but if you are serious about using scheduled or triggered push notifications from something outside of the Adalo platform, it’s certainly doable. I signed up for a free trial to ensure it would be possible so when I am ready I can just start paying and get it sorted out. I had it working as I intended using Custom actions and their API.


Definitely steep in price but will keep them in mind. I’m trying to find a solution to scheduled recurring push notifications (i.e. for goal setting, reminders, etc)

@ben1 have you found anything that would help? Zapier wasn’t much help when I looked thru what could be done via them.

Unfortuantely I cannot look in to each API individually to assess them but if it’s a REST API then I cannot see a reason why it shouldn’t work. If you have any problems with it after testing I would be happy to troubleshoot those problems with you.


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