Onscreen notifications

Hello guys,

I’m working on the feature that allows user to request a reminder for the event. When user subscribe to notification in shows positive feedback notification like here:

Do you know how can I achieve this in adalo?

Unfortunately, this is probably possible because a user cannot trigger a push notification if they are the recipient.

One way around this is to use a custom action to trigger the notification and set the recipient to the current user’s email.

Hi thanks :slight_smile:

The biggest challenge is to show some stuff on click and then hide it after some time.
I think of using combination of countdown and database. Ex

When user clicks button it change status in the database for logged in user. On database change the item becomes visible (or I launch modal). The part of modal is countdown. On countdown end → the element in database changes again and user is put on the previous screen.

It should be working but it is not very good solution. We need states :smiley:

Hi @gskrypka,

With another screen this looks ugly - as the original screen is “darkened”.

As for me the most promising way could be using LottieFiles: create an animated LottieFile, make sure it runs for the required amount of seconds, and set up LottieFiles component on the page so that it is hidden after animation finish.
This is theoretical - didn’t have time to try this by myself :slight_smile:

Best regards, Victor.


Sound good as well.
We definitely need states as soon as possible.

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