Open a template?

First noob question: Can someone please tell me how to load a template? The first one, the appointments app will get me going, I’ll only need to alter the branding colours in order to start with a useable thing and then I’ll go from there.

Are you talking about cloning the app or actually opening the app?

thanks iGD, I’m not sure how opening the app and cloning are different or what those words mean. Presumably it goes something like this; open it in the Adalo editor to change colours and text to my own products and branding and then do a test on my phone before paying and loading to the app store and playstore.
So my question is, how do I get the appointments app template into that Adalo web-app thing to change what I want to change so I can save as and proceed? Everything else can wait til I have my OOUX plan and ORCA stuff sorted.

ok so i think i know what you’re talking about just go to any app you want and click “clone” and then you rename the project anything you want!

@Arnoldthepotter you need to clone the app like @iGotDinero mentioned! First create a account on Adalo and then view that template on another tab and then click the Clone button and it will direct you to the Adalo editor!

And also you can select a template and create the app when you click the create a new app in the editor or after creating your Adalo account and I guess the Appointments clone is there!

Good luck!

Thanks Dilon, I did click on Clone App at some stage and the Appointments app was there in the Create New when I eventually noticed it. Since then I’ve been getting used to the editor, changing colours and text etc.

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