Order data flow

Hi to everyone! Guys, need your hep with data transfer in my 2-sided app where ustomers order to buyers. To be comprehensive, I’ve drawn a scheme how it is now and what I need. And added the real screenshot from Adalo where you can see the connections.

How can I transfer data from one side of the app (customer) to another (buyer)? And not only from the home screen but from any other?

Hi @Mike_Borok ,

My suggestion is to duplicate screen #4 and #5 so it can be accessed only directly by #2, while the original #4,#5 accessed by #1.

@Yongki, thanks for your advise! But I just don’t see how this can help. Key point is screen #2 is seen under customer login, while screens #4 and #5 are seen under buyer login. So no need to directly access #4 and #5 from #2. I just need data transfer from #2 to #4 and #5.