'Order App' - seller workflow?

Hi guys - the Order template is great workflow for a ‘Buyer’ - do you also have a template for the ‘Seller’, ie for the business (add business details, set up Stripe, create menu items, manage orders, etc) ?

Thanks in advance.

No you need to build that aspect yourself.

We don’t have a template for that side as of yet.

Hi! Fair, thanks for letting me know. Is there a plan to develop one? It would be really helpful to close the loop on an Order system. I’ve been trying to do it myself but it’s a bit complex :grimacing:

Hi Daz, I’ve done it so if you require any help you can ask me

Oh fab Elliot. Thank you. Would you mind sharing your workflow / template? It would be super helpful!

Hi Daz,

I cannot do that unfortunately as it’s currently a live app. I can however point you in the right direction and help with any questions you have.


Awesome, thanks. I’ll dm you :slight_smile:

I’m working on something similar.

What I found was that by going through and hacking up the Order template, it taught me most of what I needed to know to get started on my own with blank screens.

It’s also good to note that you can copy elements from one project to another. So like I’m not going to re-create the signup and login screens, I can just copy those screens over.

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