Connecting 2 unique apps OR moving screens/databases from 1 app to another


I’ve created two apps that I now believe I should have structured differently. I believe I should have either combined them into one app or shared all databases between both apps.

I’m looking for a path forward.

Is there any way to “connect” two apps? Is there any way to copy all screens and databases from one app into another? Other ideas?

Thank you.

Should be able to select the screens and Ctrl c Ctrl V to the other app.

I really appreciate the quick reply. Have you been successful with your solution? I have not. I could be doing something wrong, but I wonder if Adalo has in some way prevented copy/paste of screens between apps.

If this were to work, I expect you would suggest I recreate the databases from the original app, correct?

I’ve done it before but not recently. I seem to remember it being mentioned a while back that maybe it can’t be done anymore. Maybe someone can jump in and clarify

If you copy and paste screens you’d keep just the database you are copying to, there isn’t a way to merge them as such.

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Might anyone from Adalo be able to confirm whether or not copy/paste between apps is an option? Thank you.

It works for me, just tested

I just tried again. And again, I couldn’t make it work. But then I stumbled across my issue: screens copy/paste from one app into another so long as the screen name is unique. In my case, many of the screen names in App1 were the same as App2 (I had planned on making the change after importing them). Thanks for all the replies.

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Ah I wasn’t aware of that! Good to know.

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